We turned men's haircuts into art

Our story

Central Yard - combines the classic traditions of male grooming with a high corporate culture. Our masters are at the origin of the barber movement in Ukraine. They have a lot of experience and have brought up a whole guild of barbers in our country.
We have collected all the best in one institution: virtuoso craftsmen, high quality services, comfort and coziness. Therefore, Central Yard is not just a men's hairdressing salon - it is a place for self-respecting successful men.

Services and prices

    • Haircut
      500 ₴
    • Beard
      300 ₴
    • Haircut + beard
      800 ₴
    • Haircut with a clipper
      300 ₴
    • Royal shave
      400 ₴
    • Children's haircut
      400 ₴
    • Father + son
      800 ₴
    • Trainee's haircut
      200 ₴
All prices are in UAH

Our masters